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So here we are- hello!It’s Alex Johnston here, a teacher at PEC since May 2017.Since this time, working at PEC has given me some of my fondest memories.From the pictures on this website that you are now on, I knew that the time here would be exciting before I flew to Japan,but I never could have expected how varied & warmly surprising it could be. It is, as it has turned out, one of the best jobs that I have had, for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the two cities I work in-Hikari & Shunan- are great places to teach & explore in; the first a lovely cradle of mountain, sea & sky with friendly folk & the second an exciting city with a Shinkansen terminal & plenty of great places to wander. Secondly, I feel genuinely lucky to be working with such cheery & entertaining co-workers. Thirdly, the range of classes that I teach. In one week, I will teach students from 2 to 92 years old, & everywhere in between. This is in addition to the several holiday programs that are offered, where we have jumped from protecting kids in Miyajima from paper-ravenous deer one week to searching for & finding octopi off the shore of a remote island the next. The students aren’t always co-operative, but the happenings are usually memorable. What would be great to have as a PEC teacher would be a willingness to help. On a larger scale, this involves a desire to assist students & fellow teachers & 

help the former out when they fall into gaps of knowledge whilst making it fun for all. Otherwise, this might involve anything from hanging up decorations for the next event to picking up litter in the office. These are the small steps that amount to the highest sphere!