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Hello to everyone reading this!  I am writing this blog to tell you what working at PEC is like. Am I the best candidate of this job? Probably not but here we go!

Working for PEC has been one of the best learning experiences I have ever had. I have learned how to be a better teacher, how to manage time better, how to work with a team, & how to work alone.  While it might be hard to sound more generic it is true. This job has taught me how to have fun & keep a schedule. This job is so rewarding too. The students are great, & make coming to work every day feel worth it. PEC has students across a very wide range going from baby students to adults & every group is fun & interesting in their own way. You may have some days where you feel down but the students will make you feel better every time. They are so much fun to teach.

The special events here also add a nice bit of variety while teaching you to adapt. There are one day events, two day events, & one three day event. The one day events are a great bit of fun with games, music, & dancing that will get you as excited as the children. The two day events challenge you to take care of children for a night in a different town. You’ll get to see beautiful islands, great cities, & eat great food. It almost sounds like a vacation, but don’t worry the children will keep you on your toes. The final special event is a three day camping trip, on a small island very close to where we live. It will be a mixture of joy & pain. You will learn to deal with the elements, keep the kids happy, & take care of everyone around you. It was one of the greatest experiences I had here looking back. I learned a great deal about how to teach in a new environment under a lot of stress. It was fun & difficult.

I think that can sum up my year here very well though. It was difficult but so much fun. It all flew by in an instant & I learned a lot while getting to see a lovely part of Japan & getting to meet wonderful people. I recommend this job to anybody who wants an adventure that they will remember fondly their whole life.