Thanks giving!

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Thanks giving!


2017/11/21 Thanks giving!
















Thanks givingの紹介文を書いてくれました☆




Thanksgiving, also called “Turkey day” is one of the  classic American holidays celebrated by most families in the United States. First celebrated in the 1600s by the Pilgrims, Thanksgiving was a day meant to celebrate the harvest of the year. The most popular dishes served during this day are stuffing,which is a bread type dish which usually includes vegetables, eggs, and various types of meat including turkey. Bread rolls, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, and corn are also some of the most common side dishes served along with the main course of turkey. After the main course, a Thanksgiving day feast is not complete until the pumpkin pie is finished.




After President George Washington proclaimed Thanksgiving as a national holiday, it became a tradition for families and extended families to come together and share their crops with each other in one giant feast. In modern day America, Thanksgiving has become an even bigger celebration. In addition to the big dinner served on the famed day, there are even parades held in celebration. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is the most well known parade, and is also the world’s biggest parade. Millions have gathered annually to this massive parade since 1924 to enjoy seeing giant balloons march through the street. Many well known characters have contributed to the parade, including Pikachu, Hello Kitty, and Snoopy, which help attract people of all ages to join in on the fun.




Another modern addition to the Thanksgiving festivities are the NFL Thanksgiving games, which started in 1920 by the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys. They have annually hosted a game on Thanksgiving Thursday to add to the huge family fun. It’s hard to find a household that doesn’t have the game on. It is one of the can’t miss events, which have always been exciting for fans and even non fans to enjoy.



Finally, the most recent notable addition to the holiday week is called “Black Friday”. While it is not an official holiday, the day has become so popular that some US states, including California have started observing the day as the “Day after Thanksgiving”. This day rose to popularity mainly because most employers and school districts had days off on the Friday after Thanksgiving along with the holiday given on that Thursday. The extra day off made it attractive for corporations to offer specials and sales on that day to help start the beginning of Christmas shopping for many Americans. It has become a day so popular, that people start lining up outside stores well before the stores open, sometimes even during Thanksgiving day, while eating their dinners outside.



All of this is only a fraction of the various activities Americans enjoy during this day of thanks. If you ever get a chance to visit the US during November, come during the fourth week to enjoy the Thanksgiving festivities. It will be an unforgettable experience.